Intensive Shrimp Farm Development

Client (Confidential)




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Claude Boyd, Jim Brenner, François Brenta, Juan Antonio Castillo Parra, Kevin Clark, Jaidan Gerardo De La Torre, Roger Doyle, Tom Frese, David Griffith, David Kawahigashi, Juan Carlos Pedraza Lema, Josh Modglin, Hennie Pieterse
2015 - Present


A site assessment was conducted by AquaSol in 2015.  The conclusion of the site analysis was that the topography, climate, and soil properties as well as source water quality were all suitable for construction and operation of a shrimp farm at the selected site.

AquaSol was subsequently contracted by the client to develop preliminary design and engineering plans for an intensive shrimp farming project.
The next phase of the project is the planned development of 192 hectares of land into a state-of-the-art intensive shrimp farm.