Aquaculture Investment Advisory Services

Aquaculture Investment Advisory Services

Aquaculture is a great way for qualified investors who are not risk averse to diversify part of their portfolios away from traditional stocks. Aquaculture is considered a non-traditional investment with a low beta correlation to publicly traded stocks and bonds.  
The potential for excellent rates of return on investment are present; internal rates of return of 20-30% over a ten year timeframe are achievable in well-managed projects and companies. 
While investing in aquaculture can be a tricky business, sophisticated investors who take the time to learn the business and the potential pitfalls can be well rewarded. While fish farming or aquaculture may appear highly technical to many qualified investors, it’s still a business at its core and from this perspective it’s really no different from any other alternative investment that may be under consideration. By performing some basic due diligence, an astute investor can easily eliminate half of the prospects on his own right out of the gate. When it’s time to get serious, an accredited investor should absolutely hire an aquaculture expert to perform a technical due diligence on the most promising aquaculture investment opportunity or opportunities.  An investment in our aquaculture investment advisory services will generate solid returns.  Give us a call.  You'll be glad you did!

We advise our qualified clients to consider investments of no less than USD 1 million in new or existing projects and preferably in the range of USD 10-12 million for stand-alone investments in new projects. Services provided to qualified investors may include:

  • Identification and analysis of current investment opportunities in aquaculture;
  • Due diligence on high potential aquaculture investment opportunities;
  • Independent professional opinion and appraisal of existing aquaculture entities.

AquaSol, Inc. will occasionally work with select aquaculture companies seeking outright sale or new equity investment.  If the investment opportunity is of sufficient grade to warrant our involvement and bankable investment opportunity materials are in hand, we will attempt to place the investment opportunity on a best efforts basis. In this regard, some of the aquaculture consulting work we can perform on behalf of a seller includes the following:

  • Aquaculture business valuation;
  • Aquaculture business plan development;
  • Private placement assistance for qualified investment opportunities in aquaculture.

If you are a qualified investor or represent an investment group seeking an aquaculture investment opportunity or you are the owner of an aquaculture company seeking an exit strategy or new equity investor, we encourage you to contact us for further details on our aquaculture investment advisory services.