Financial Feasibility Analysis for Aquaculture

A custom financial feasibility analysis will be prepared for the project envisioned during this process of determining feasibility. The financial model outputs will allow our team to efficiently consider multiple alternative scenarios over a multi-year window. The proprietary financial feasibility program that we utilize will enable us to determine the financial feasibility of the proposed project with a high degree of confidence. 

Our financial feasibility analysis includes the following:

  • Capital equipment & construction cost budget.
  • Development of unit production assumptions.
  • Preliminary production projections.
  • Annual operating expense budgets.
  • Pro forma income statements.
  • Pro forma cash-flow statements.
  • Pro forma balance sheets.
  • Financial ratios analysis.
  • Return on investment analyses.

Similar to other parts of the feasibility study, the custom financial projections developed by our team will serve as the basis for any future financial projections in the event a decision is made to move forward with the project.