Environmental Impact Studies

AquaSol, Inc. offers complete environmental impact assessments (EIA), environmental impact studies (EIS), and environmental impact statements (EIS) for new aquaculture projects or existing aquaculture operations.  The scope of a particular assessment, study, or statement will depend on the operational stage of the project or company, the projected size of the project or the actual footprint of an existing operation, planned expansions, and unique site features and sensitivities to potential negative impacts. 

What follows is a checklist of some of the more common components of our studies:

  • Description of the project or existing operation;
  • Goals and objectives of the proposed action;
  • Description of the local environment;
  • Biological and environmental surveys;
  • Comparative water quality analyses;
  • Conceptual or realized production design;
  • Conceptual or realized operating parameters;
  • Social and economic benefits of the proposed action;
  • Nutrient budget analysis;
  • Input/output analysis;
  • Impact assessments;
  • Alternative use assessment;
  • Mitigation recommendations;
  • Carrying capacity analysis.

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